PARIS GUIDE. 2. Money. 3. Communication. 4. Holidays. 5. Transportation. 6. Food. 8. Events During The Year. 9. Things to do. DOs and DO NOTs. 5days. 5-day Paris. City Guide. A preplanned step-by-step time line and city guide for Paris. Follow it and get the best of the city. This comprehensive guide is packed with handy tips, detailed street maps and a You can download a pdf version of the Paris Pass Guidebook for free here.

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    Paris Guide Pdf

    Paris is the capital of France, and it is also the largest city (by far!) http://www. =gif. Few cities match the iconic status that Paris boasts in the imagination of travelers. In fashion, gastronomy, the arts, she is queen. As you visit. about PARIS! “Capital of the arts,” “the city of lights,” “one of the most beautiful cities in the world,” to name but a few! Paris is worldwide famous for its enormous .

    I had dreamed of visiting Paris since I was a little girl and I finally got the chance when I spent a semester studying abroad in France. Instead, I entered France by bus via Barcelona and the first time I stepped foot on French land was at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere. We had a layover at CDG on our way to Munich and, flying north from Toulouse, our landing into Paris was unbelievable. But an hour later, I was on another flight out of the city. Talk about a tease. I finally made it to Paris a few weeks later and the city blew me away. Plan in advance. The biggest mistake Paris beginners make is failing to plan. Thorough planning is crucial in order to avoid frustration and disappointment during your trip. Read as much as you can in advance and keep a notebook with notes, ideas, and useful information that you can easily reference on the go.

    Dining for people who have special dietary requirements or food allergies. Dining for Vegans and Vegetarians Buffet Restaurants in resort.

    Is breakfast time busy in the Disney hotels? Where are the best places to watch parades, shows and Disney Dreams?

    The Free Architecture Guide of Paris (PDF) | Virginia Duran

    Celebrating birthdays and special occasions in Disneyland Paris. Can you take bags on rides? Can you hire pushchairs or wheelchairs in the parks?

    Packing - what to take? Advice and tips. What will the weather be like?

    Do rides close when it rains or snows? Swimming pools in Disney hotels, Selected hotels, and the local area.

    Where can we download cheaper tickets? Supermarkets near Disneyland, and where to download fresh or lacto-free milk. Where to download medications? Where can we get Medical treatment or doctor?

    General Paris Guide with loads of information: Only in Paris: Smith Paperback - The story of Paris, La Ville Lumiere, told through an original and eclectic mix of unusual historic locations. Recommended for visitors to Paris wishing to discover something different, and for city dwellers who thought perhaps they already knew the city.

    No Worries Paris: The Historic Restaurants of Paris: Paris download it at almost any news kiosk, updated regularly. It's indispensable to navigating the city. Small and light enough to fit in an outside pocket. Many European tourists use it, so it won't make you an easy target for n'er-do-well's--just don't keep it open in hand constantly as you traverse the streets!

    Marlin Menu Master--French A small, pocket-sized menu translator, alphabetical by course.

    Daily Park Schedules

    Helps a novice avoid "strange" surprises! Eat anywhere and avoid insisting on having a menu in translation or the wait staff having to provide lengthy services unnecessarily. The book is divided into neighborhoods and metro stops. Paris is beautiful, but not all the toilets are. The toilets are rated from 1 roll to 4 rolls. It is said to be the oldest can-can dance theatre in Paris, and is obviously underrated and overshadowed because of the famous Moulin Rouge at the other end of the street.

    You will notice throngs of people in the little Rue de Steinkerque. Follow them. The street has recently been infected by T-shirt shops and trinket peddlers, but the two Sympa stores with big red signs are an excellent place to find cheap clothing, sometimes brand names that are either irregular or just fell off the back of some truck.

    Arrive early on Saturday morning and you will be amazed to see trucks pull up and dump enormous cardboard boxes onto the sidewalk. Then the workers run out with boxcutters, split the tape seals, and literally dump piles of jeans or sweaters made by Naff Naff or Bennetton or Esprit onto huge wooden sidewalk bins. Now the ladies lined up on the opposite sidewalk like Olympic sprinters jump the gun and swarm the piles.

    The sight alone is remarkable.

    Paris: Recommended Reading

    Elbows fly, hands spin through sweaters, banknotes appear and disappear, clothes sail over shoulders, arms grow heavy under mountains of cloth it's like watching seagulls on a shrimp boat.

    It's western civilization at its finest! On this street you will also find interesting fabric stores as well as Columbia Coffee, one of the rare take-out coffee shops in Paris for those hardcore New Yorkers who need their fix on the go.

    Back on the Rue de Steinkerque, walk until the street ends at Place St. Facing you are the grassy and terraced gardens leading you to the basilica. The gardens were once gypsum quarries, hence the odd design. With the brightly lit merry go round churning out its nostalgic tunes and the imposing church white against the sky, it's time to take the obligatory photos no one will look at. Across the street is the Marche St.

    Pierre, a multi level fabric store which rivals anything I have ever seen. If you are a designer, a home decorator or simply curious, you MUST visit this incredible business which carries every type of fabric imaginable and holds an entire office for cutting and ordering on every floor.

    The beauty of it is that it exudes the feel of a shop in the 's and not the streamlined order of a modern department store. This is the Mecca for curtain-makers, amateur tailors and seamstresses.

    The funicular does not carry the stigma of the little white train, so you can use this service and still retain your dignity, but the real traveler will scoff at such modern contrivances and take the steps. The steps are of the classic Montmartre variety steep and lined by pretty lampposts and deciduous trees.

    If it's winter and it happens to be misty, you will feel like you are in a 40's film or a Bresson photograph. At the top, turn right and you will find the 10,, other people who had the same idea you did that morning. Despite the crowds, the view is the most spectacular in Paris.

    At night, the view is even more impressive and if you have managed to end up there with a lover, new or old, consider yourself lucky to be at the top of the food chain! Take a bottle of wine and rest assured that no bar in town has such good seating. In the summer there are often street musician who perform at the bottom of the steps, using the architecture as a kind of natural amphitheatre with an already captive audience.

    If you are a pretty, single girl, chances are you will have to fend off or accept the hopeful chatting from eager groups of young north Africans.

    If you are a single guy, chances are you will be trying to chat up that same single girl on the steps with the notebook and pencil and dreamy look in her eyes. You will have lots of competition, and she, lots of attention. Good luck to both.

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